Mozambique Oil & Gas: Blair Institute discusses energy and good governance in Maputo

Tony BLAIRPresident of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi held a courtesy meeting yesterday with former UK prime minister Tony Blair, with whom he discussed the state of the partnership between the Mozambican government and the Blair Institute for Global Change in the area of energy and good governance.

Speaking to reporters, Blair said that his institution would advise the Mozambican government to implement a transparent and coherent corporate and institutional governance structure, as well as to develop its policies in the area of energy, especially renewable energy.

The idea, according to Blair, is to work side by side with the government in sharing experiences that have had successes in other countries, and implementing programmes and projects to bring Mozambique’s plans to fruition.

“Having money and equipment does not matter. If you don’t have a transparent and coherent governance structure, everything disappears,” he said.

Tony Blair says Mozambique has great potential in the areas of energy, oil and gas, but believes that the country still faces challenges in energy generation and the expansion of the electricity network to all areas of the country. To this end, the country needs positive experiences which assist in the efficient implementation of its policies and projects.

On the occasion of the Nyusi-Blair meeting, chairman of the Board of Directors of Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) Mateus Magala said that 300,000 new electricity connections could be made across the country.

Magala said the aim was to ensure that the number of new connections grows five to six percent in 2018. Maintaining that figure for the next ten years would fulfil the government’s ambition of seeing universal access to electric energy by 2030.

“Last year we exceeded by 50 percent the target of 100,000 connections foreseen in the Government’s Five Year Plan. We managed to make 150,000 connections by December 2017. This year, the government expects us to make 200,000 new connections, but feeling in EDM is that we can make 300,000 connections,” Magala explained.

Source: Notícias

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