INFOGRAPHIC: The world’s most famous diamonds


The Letšeng Legacy, discovered in 2007, is currently ranked as one of the largest rough white diamonds ever recovered. The 493-carat rock was sold at an auction in Antwerp for US$10.4 million in November that year. (Image courtesy of Gem Diamonds.)

Diamonds always have – and undoubtedly always will – captivate our attention.

Since the beginning of time, people have been drawn to beautiful, exquisite gems, and diamonds – regardless of the type – are no exception.

Their mystique. Their rarity. Their consistent, surprising differences. The pure uniqueness that each stone carries within itself. It’s no small wonder that people of all types flock to them and work so hard to find them.

Do you find yourself drawn to the majesty of diamonds? Do you want to know more about where they come from?

Of course you do! Especially about where these rare and beautiful stones were found.

As fellow diamond lovers, admirers, and appreciators, Franz from diamond-examiners has done the heavy lifting and put together a great infographic about the 99 most famous diamonds ever found, grouped by region, to help you better understand your diamond geography.


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