Mozambique Oil & Gas: Benthic awarded offshore geotechnical contract by Anadarko

Benthic-wins-geotechnical-investigation-contract-from-StatoilGeosciences company Benthic has been awarded an offshore geotechnical contract by a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum. Benthic said on Monday that the work scope included geotechnical survey operations off the coast of Mozambique in Tungué Bay (Palma district) and surrounding areas.

The company will obtain data for maritime navigation, sub-surface characterization, hazard identification, and development of seabed mechanical properties.

According to Benthic, it will include campaigns for the acquisition, processing, interpretation/testing, quality verification and reporting of geotechnical survey data in offshore Mozambique.

The company is currently in the process of developing a portable shallow water Tracked System modification to the company’s Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) which will enable the system to execute operations from the shore to 1,400 meters water depth from the same vessel.

Tracked PROD will be launched from a unique flat-bottomed shallow water vessel using Benthic’s conventional launch and recovery system. It will then be driven away from the vessel to the maximum distance of the umbilical. Tracked PROD has sufficient onboard cooling allowing it to operate continuously in the air at 100 percent capability.

This allows PROD to operate in positive LAT locations, where PROD may be completely dry when the tide is out.

Benthic said that operations were set to begin offshore in the first quarter of 2018.


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