Africa Energy: AfDB Connects Guinea and Mali via high-voltage power line

Electric powerlinesThe AfDB released more than €71 million in funding for the construction of a 714-km high-voltage power line. The infrastructure will link the localities of N’Zérékoré, in Guinea and Sanankoroba, Mali. Its implementation will allow the electrification of 201 villages as well as the improvement of the quality of service provided to other consumers.

 “In addition to the funding it provides, the African Development Bank has been the lead donor. It has financed and supervised techno-economic and environmental and social impact feasibility studies,” said Marie-Laure Akin-Olugbadé, AfDB Deputy Director General for the West Africa region.

 The total cost of the project is €358 million. The line is scheduled to eventually be connected to high-voltage lines in the sub-region, which will allow interconnection between countries. When completed, this infrastructure will increase the electrification rates of Guinea and Mali by 18% and 41% respectively.

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