Mozambique Oil & Gas: New Gas rich province Governor among the youngest elected

Parruque features among the youngest elected Governors in the country

Júlio Parruque is the new strong-man for Cabo Delgado mineral-rich province. During the inaugural ceremony in Maputo, President Filipe Nyusi challenged the new governor to be a catalyst for the development of the province.

Júlio José Parruque, a former administrator of the Matola district in the southern province of Maputo, takes over from Celmira da Silva, who now serves as deputy minister for Land, Environment and Rural Development.

He said he was aware of the importance of Cabo Delgado in the development of Mozambique.

“We understand that the essential thing is to comply with the guidance of the President of the Republic and anticipating the various challenges that may arise from the wealth that exists in the province of Cabo Delgado. We will make our contribution, so that Cabo Delgado will once again lead the history of Mozambique and, in this case, the economic and development history of our country,” he said.

Cabo Delgado has economic potential, these characteristics attract large investment projects, especially in natural resources, which raise the expectations of the province’s residents, the country and even other regions of the world.

In addition to natural resources, Cabo Delgado also receives tourism investment.

According to President Nyusi, this justifies increased attention from the governor and his team to prevent the occurrence of phenomena which could jeopardize peace and stability in that region, adversely affecting development.

“The multiplicity of interests that coexist in that geographical space will require of you a permanent conciliation of interests, both of investors and of the local population, as well as of the various groups that have different interests,” the president said.

The head of state cited boldness, creativity and caution as the elements that should guide the achievement of objectives.

“In this sense, it is imperative that you take advantage of your previous experience of governance so that, in a fast and flexible way, you can always find the best solution with the involvement and participation of our fellow citizens, always having as horizon the national interests and love of the homeland,” he told the newly sworn-in incumbent.

Furthermore, the president said that the exploitation of the existing wealth in Cabo Delgado was “reason enough” to place trust in Parruque as governor, because he was young and had always seen challenges as an opportunity to make his contribution and produce results that had a positive impact on people’s lives.

Júlio Parruque said he considered his appointment a great challenge, but promised to continue the work in progress so that the province would prove equal to other provinces of the country. Source: AIM Moçambique

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