Global Oil & Gas: Eni, Fiat pledge to reduce CO2 emissions in road transport


Italy’s Eni and FCA signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop research projects and technological applications aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from road transport vehicles.

The two companies aim to combine their respective expertise, experiences and technological know-how in order to reduce the sector’s level of CO2 emissions.

Under the MoU the two companies will work on the development of technologies and materials to absorb natural gas, Absorbed Natural Gas (ANG), which will make it possible to improve existing technologies linked to compressed natural gas (CNG) in the automotive sector.

This collaboration will involve the study of technologies and absorbing materials that will permit the transport of compressed gas (CNG) at a much lower pressure, reducing the weight of tanks and increasing the mileage per refill, a joint statement reads.

They will also work on the development of new technologies for the use of gas in transport that would facilitate the use of compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) gas, as well as of methanol, which allows emission reductions when it is added to traditional fuel.

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