Mozambique Oil & Gas: Fuel prices rise gaing immediately effective today

Galp Mocambique_LPFuel and other petroleum products got their prices adjusted and starting today, Wednesday. Thus, petrol rises from the current 59.52 to 62.72 meticais per litre, while diesel rises from 53.38 to 56.43 meticals per litre.

Illuminating paraffin goes up too, from 43.32 meticais per litre to 44.73. Cooking gas (LPG) rises from 58.04 meticais/kg to 70.11/kg and compressed gas (NGV) from 28.22 to 29.75 meticais.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy says in a statement that the Government maintains the subsidy for transport and other sectors in need.(Source: O País)

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