Global Markets: Singapore poised for LNG hub

SLNG- --The Asian country is ready to play a leading role in meeting surging liquefied natural gas demand in the region’s rapidly expanding market. In emailed responses, Singapore LNG Corporation chief executive said his company is strategically placed to meet emerging market demand.

For SLNG chief executive John Ng, there is no beating around the bush. He is in no doubt about the fact that his company is in the right place at the right time to meet the region’s burgeoning LNG demand rise.

“With Singapore situated at the crossroads of major LNG trade routes, we believe SLNG is well-positioned to facilitated the growth of a vibrant LNG market in the region”, he said.

“Singapore’s fortuitous geographical location puts us in a highly advantageous position o develop as an LNG trading hub, using the SLNG terminal as a platform,” ended.

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