Mozambique Energy: Renewables are key players for universal access to electricity

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More than 200 hundred participants considered the Renewable energies as key players for the electrification of Mozambique at an international conference organized by ALER – the Lusophone Association of Renewable Energies with the support of Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Program (RECP).

Entitled “Renewables in Electrification of Mozambique”, the event held on 25 and 26 October in Maputo addressed the contribution of renewable energies to the electrification of Mozambique in line with the National Electrification Strategy – to reach universal access by 2030 – currently in preparation.

During the two days of the conference, more than 200 participants had the opportunity to attend interventions of high-level representatives of the main Mozambican and International institutions that operate in the energy sector.

Speaking at the closing session, the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, de Augusto Sousa, clarified that it would be impossible to achieve the goal of universal energy access by 2030 only with conventional energy, so renewable energy will play a very important role, particularly in remote areas.

The Minister also stressed that the Government will need the participation of the private sector to comply with the goal and expressed interest and openness in counting on the contributions of all to identify the areas where the Government can intervene and what international experiences on which it can be based.

The Vice-President of ALER and former National Energy Fund – FUNAE CEO, Miquelina Menezes, welcomed the success of the conference which corresponds “to the culmination of the activities that ALER has been developing in Mozambique since 2015 and to the recognition by the Government of the importance of renewable energies” adding that ” ALER willingly accepts the task entrusted to it, to compile input from all on how to ensure an effective National Electrification Strategy considering the role of renewable energy and the private sector. ”

The European Union’s commitment to the promotion of renewable energies was made clear in the speech by the European Union Ambassador to Mozambique, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, who stated that “This conference, supported by the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Program, represents another step in the cooperation between the European Union, its Member States and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy with a view to increasing the use of renewable energy in Mozambique.”

Reinforcing this position, Jan Cloin, Project Manager of RECP, added that “The success of this conference demonstrates the high interest of the private sector and the Government of Mozambique in relation to renewable energies. The Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation project has contributed concrete actions to strengthen this sector, namely in the draft regulation for isolated mini-networks, a business mission dedicated to solar energy and support for the creation of the Mozambican Association for the Renewable Energies (AMER) “.
Please find below the reports released during the days’ event on renewables:

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