Mozambique Energy: Renewable Energy Association created in Maputo

RenewablesMozambique will have a Renewable Energy Association (AMER), a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to promote the use of sustainable resources in the country, the entity’s source said Thursday.

“It is a Mozambican organization that aims to be a representative of the private sector and others who have an interest in renewable energy,” said Miquelina Meneses, a member of the organization and former National Energy Fund CEO, quoted by the Mozambican Information Agency.

The organization is supported by the African Program for Cooperation in Renewable Energy (RECP), from the Lusophone Association of Renewable Energies.

Miquelina Meneses was speaking in Maputo during a meeting of the organization which was used to listen to universities and other entities related to the renewable energy sector.

Miquelina Meneses considers it important to debate the legislation of the sector, as well as to raise awareness about the need to adopt sustainable energy sources.

At the same time, the organization intends to establish a bridge with the international companies that want to invest in Mozambique.

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