Upcoming Events: Renewables in the electrification of Mozambique 2017


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Renewables in the electrification of Mozambique

ALER – Lusophone Renewable Energy Association, with the support from RECP – Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Program, will organize a high level international conference in Maputo, Mozambique, on October 25 and 26. The objective of the conference is to bring together European and African Renewable Energy businesses, developers and policy makers.


Presentation of the second edition of ALER’s “Renewables in Mozambique – National Status Report” accompanied by a mapping exercise of all existing initiatives of donor support programs.

Presentation of the Portuguese version of the RECP Mini-grid Policy Toolkit, including mini-grids case studies in Mozambique and other African Portuguese-speaking countries.

The conference will focus on the contribution of renewable energy technologies for the electrification of Mozambique, in line with its National Electrification Strategy under preparation to achieve universal access by 2030.

During the two days conference, participants will be able to understand how the Government of Mozambique expects to reach 100% electricity access by 2030, what will be role of the main institutions and learn about the developments of both off-grid and on-grid renewable energy projects.

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