Mozambique Oil & Gas: RINA will support Eni in the Coral South plan, follow the first FLNG in Africa


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RINA Services have announced having been chosen by Eni East Africa which accounting firm for the planning and the manufacturing of the structures and submarine instrumentation, as well as for the validity of the technological qualification, of Coral South, the complex floating unit of Eni for the liquefaction and export of gas (FLNG), the first unit of this type in Africa.

The FLNG will be one of the three existing to the world and will be installed in the zone south of Area 4, to the wide one of the coast of the Mozambique, in deep waters of the basin of Rovuma. RINA Services has evidenced that, thanks to the dimension of the plan, the quality of the resources and its position, Coral South will give a strong thrust to the economy of the Mozambique.

Uncoveredin 2012 from Eni, the natural gas reservoir Coral contains approximately 450 billion cubic metres (16 tcf), of gas of which the first phase of exploitation of the Coral basin it aimed to develop some approximately 140 (5 tfc). The beginning of the production is programmed for 2021.

Unit FLNG will have an ability to approximately 3,4 Mtpa (the million tons year) and RINA Services, beyond to being the accounting firm of the planning and the manufacturing of the riser, the flexible conduct for the transfer of the produced one from the bottom of the sea, the umbilical ones and the submarine system of production, will have also the task for the first time to validate the technologies put in field from Eni and that they could, therefore, introduce criticality elements during the phase of development of the plan.

RINA Services has explained that the FLNG Coral South will be the first in its genre for main oil the Italian major and, demanding new technologies, will be fundamental that these are validated by a competent subject in a position to assuring that they answer to the specific criteria of performance and that, at the same time, are sure.(source: InforMare)

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