Africa Oil & Gas: Angola Exports LPG to Sao Tomé and Principe

Angola Sonagas

Angola’s state gas company Sonagás, revealed that last July, a cargo of 12.7 metric tons of LPG was exported to the island nation of Sao Tomé and Principe. This is the first time that Angolan LPG has been exported to the nation, whose demand is increasing.

According to reports, this first export of Angolan LPG had an immediate impact on consumer prices, with a reduction of around 31% in the market at the end of August. This now facilitates the population’s access to butane gas, with demand set to explode in the coming months.

Currently, only 7% of the population of São Tomé and Príncipe consumes butane gas, mainly because of its high cost.

In addition, this transaction now makes Sonagás, the exclusive supplier of LPG to Enco.

Angola, meanwhile, now satisfies its own local demand and expects to become a major exporter on the continent.

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