Mozambique Oil & Gas: Northern logistics alliance launched

LBH Mozambique
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Subtech Mozambique, Alpha Logistics and LBH Mozambique have recently signed an MoU to enhance their suite of services in Mozambique to be able to offer a holistic logistics and services solution starting specifically with activities in and around the small but strategically located port of Mocimboa da Praia.

All three of the companies in the Mocimboa Alliance have a long history in Mozambique operations and have been involved in or had some input in almost every capital infrastructure related project in Mozambique.

The Mocimboa Alliance will culminate in a specially focused joint venture company within months but is already capable of combining their individual offerings to be able to service all marine or logistics based requirements. The joined capabilities of the companies make a powerful, robust and dynamic logistics solution ideally suited for the environment and infrastructural development ahead in Northern Mozambique.

The MoU conjoins the strengths and abilities of the Mocimboa Alliance covering diving, materials handling, clearing and forwarding, ships agency, waste management and environmental services.

LBH Mozambique MD, Athol Emerton stated “LBH has been active along with Subtech and Alpha on the Mozambique coast for decades. It just makes good sense to combine our capabilities in the strategic port of Mocimboa da Praia, literally the closest port to the oil and gas development at Palma. We have no doubt that bigger and more efficient facilities will be built with better draft solutions but right now it is the most convenient logistics hub. Furthermore, the customers don’t have to re-invent the wheel, I am confident that between the three Alliance partners we can create a rapid logistics solution for materials in and out of Northern Mozambique”

Arif Kurji, Director of Alpha Group, based in Mombasa has also stressed that the plateau of Northern Mozambique poses a unique set of challenges due to the extended length of its continental shelf. This is one of the reasons that Alpha Logistics has, over the last three years, invested in a set of specialised multi-purpose units to suit shallow draft conditions. The investment includes multi-purpose specialised landing crafts, barges, shallow vessels, and jack-up’s suited for the Afungi area.

The synergy between Subtech, LBH and Alpha Logistics perfectly complement one another to comprehensively cover a wide array of services. More importantly, the three companies all have a vast amount of local knowledge and experience, having all been based in the region for the last 30 years.

Neil Scott Williams, Managing Director of Subtech Inshore, sees enormous synergy and practical solutions based on sound local knowledge “Subtech has been established in Mozambique for 15 years and has developed a world class maritime services offering in-country through local investment and skills development. Offering a logistical solution, based on the combined capability and in-country presence, skills and facilities of Subtech, Alpha and LBH, will produce innovative and client-centred solutions to logistical challenges in the region”.

Source: Press Release / Alpha Logistics, LBH Mozambique, Subtech Mozambique

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