Mozambique Energy: Siemens to modernise HCB transformers

Cahora Bassa Dam

Siemens Mozambique, together with its German parent company and the Siemens Portugal team, will be responsible for reconditioning the transformers at the Cahora-Bassa hydroelectric plant (HCB), one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the multinational in Mozambique.

The agreement now signed with HCB will ensure that 1,920 megawatt capacity direct current lines will continue to operate reliably and with continuity of service.

Cahora-Bassa plays a vital role in supplying power to Mozambique and neighbouring countries, making the country one of the region’s leading energy exporters.

“Siemens engineering and technology has been part of this infrastructure since the beginning of its operation. The reconditioning of the converter transformers installed in the Songo substation guarantees the extension of their life cycle without any interruption of services. In this way, energy will continue to reach those who need it – the populations of Mozambique and neighbouring countries,” Siemens Mozambique Managing Director Rui Marques explains.

The project consists of the reconditioning of 15 converting transformers, including the replacement of the internal windings of four units and the crossings and general reconditioning of 11 units, and will take an estimated 39 months.

Cahora-Bassa contributes significantly to the economy of Mozambique. The hydroelectric power generated from the dam is transported from the Songo substation in Tete province to the northern part of Mozambique, as well as to South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Electricity is transported of over long distances, particularly to South Africa, a distance of 1,450 kilometres, by high-voltage direct current transmission lines powered by the converting transformers which date back to the early 1970s and will now be modernised.

The project announced during FACIM, where Siemens is exhibiting for the fifth consecutive year.

Siemens’ commitment to Mozambique, Africa

Siemens has created a close relationship with institutions in the Mozambique electricity sector, and it has been a reference partner in the country’s electrification plan, responding to the objectives defined by the government that aim at a higher quality of life of the population with several projects under development around the country.
Increasing energy efficiency contributes directly to improving the quality of life of all the people. This project, involving close collaboration between Mozambique, Germany and Portugal – demonstrates once again Siemens’ continued commitment to Africa. Energy is vital for any country, directly influencing economic growth and powering water treatment systems and railway signalling and communications

In the industry sector, Siemens has been a relevant link in the supply chain of products, solutions and services aimed at increasing national productivity. It is involved in automation, fire and access control and is also a supplier of ventilation and air conditioning equipment for a variety of scenarios.

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