Mozambique Energy: EDM makes power more expensive, seeks operational costs balance

Power Lines

Electricity becomes more expensive in Mozambique, as State-owned electricity company Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) raised electricity rates again, 10 months after the last increase.

Domestic consumers, which make up about 90 percent of the company’s customers, will pay 6.95 meticais per kilowatt hour as from tomorrow, against the current 5.14 meticais.
This 1.81 meticais per kilowatt hour hike is applied to consumers who already use the prepaid energy purchase system, better known as CREDELEC.

For domestic consumers who have not yet joined CREDELEC, fees have risen by an average of two meticais per kilowatt hour. The public company maintained the fee of 1.07 meticais per kilowatt hour for low-income customers, whose monthly consumption varies from zero to 125-kilowatt.

The low-voltage agricultural tariff has not changed either.

In a statement released today, EDM justifies the increases with the need bring the sale price closer to purchase costs now around 10.5Mt. In fact, the company’s CEO,  Mateus Magala, has always defended the increase in tariffs as the only way to support the operational costs of investments.

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