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The Moz Post  shares what types of interview questions mechanical engineers can expect to hear.

If you’re searching for a job as a mechanical engineer, aside from the typical questions you’ll likely be asked during an interview, there are some more specific to your position.


Given the nature of mechanical engineering work – which includes designing, developing and operating machines – job candidates should be ready to answer technical questions. These can range from questions in which you must solve an equation to those in which you must physically apply a skill (e.g. How do you determine the mass of an apple? or How does an easy bake oven work?)

There are engineers who function well sitting behind a desk with pencil and paper and those who work better with a screwdriver in their hand.

The interview is the platform in which you can share which kind of mechanical engineer you are.

And the more you can bring to the table, the better. The ability to problem-solve is just one component. Employers also want mechanical engineers who are excited about problem-solving!

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