Africa Oil & Gas: Eni’ CEO and the Egypt Zohr gas fied case

EGYPTZOHRCEO of Italy’s Eni met with the Egyptian prime minister Sharif Ismail in Cairo discussing the future of the Zohr gas field and its impacts on the national energy economy. 

Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi outlined the development of Zohr is 80 percent complete less than two years after the discovery was made.

With a potential of 850 billion cubic meters of gas in place, not only will Zohr be able to meet almost all of the total domestic gas demand for the coming decades, but it will also allow Egypt to return to being a net energy exporter, the two parties noted during the meeting.

Last week, the Italian oil and gas contractor, Saipem, has been contracted to carry out activities on the optimised ramp up phase for the Zohr field development.

The scope of work includes the installation of a 30-inch diameter gas export pipeline and an 8-inch diameter service pipeline, as well as EPCI work for the field development in deep water (up to 1700 metres) of 4 wells and the installation of umbilicals.

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