Mozambique Oil & Gas: New environment-friendly fuel by September


Galp Mocambique_LP
Portuguese Galp fuel station in Mozambique city – Maputo

National fuel authorities confirmed in Maputo on Monday that Mozambique will introduce fuel with low sulfur content this September complying with the recommendations from the United Nations Agency for Environment.


The National Director of Hydrocarbon and Fuel, Moises Paulino said that this move is part of the harmonization of fuel specifications to be used with low potential to harm the environment, reports the local media.

“The introduction of fuel with low sulfur content was initially established in June, but it did not happen because at that time the country experienced problems in its system of fuel supply so the government decided to postpone the deadline,” said Paulino.

Mozambique has been planning to introduce environment-friendly fuel since last year and from this September it will gradually introduce to national consumers fuel with 50 ppm (parts per million) to replace the 500 ppm kind drivers are using in their vehicles presently.

According to the national director, Mozambique will also abandon the type of gasoline it is using from 93 octanes to 95 octanes.

With this move, Mozambique will not only contribute to environmental protection but also extend the lasting period of vehicles driven by its citizens.

On the other hand, Mozambique is slowly introducing alternatives to the consumption of fuel in the country, promoting the conversion of vehicles to use gas which is already produced in the country and few stations are already functional in the capital Maputo.

In June, when the supplying system failed few cities were restricted from accessing fuel creating a scenario of speculation, and disrupting the normal business operation. The experience informed the authorities again the need to accelerate the use of alternative fuel in the country.

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