Global Markets: China to develop 100 mln tons of LNG import capacity by 2025

china-plans-to-develop-100-mln-tons-of-lng-import-capacityChina’s National Development and Reform Commission said the country’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving capacity could reach 100 million tons by 2025. 

This would represent an 8.6 percent increase from 43.8 million tons in 2015, NRDC said in its document revealing the country’s medium and long-term plans for the oil and gas infrastructure development.

Natural gas storage capacity, including LNG, would reach 400 billion cubic meters by 2025, a 17 percent rise.

In addition, the commission said the natural gas import capacity via pipelines is expected to jump 7.6 percent by 2025, reaching 150 billion cubic meters.

The plan put forwards by the commission urges the use of cleaner energy underpinned by the development of a more modern energy system. It recommends expansion and advancement of country’s oil and gas pipeline networks as well as the expansion of its import capacities.

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