Global Oil & Gas: China gas hydrate production continues

China New Energy Source
China continues gas hydrate production

China Geological Survey said June 21 that cumulative production of natural gas hydrates in Shenhu area of South China Sea since the test in the middle of May has reached 235,000 m³.

China first publicised its successful production of natural gas hydrates May 18.

Gas hydrates are crystalline form of methane and water, and exist in shallow sediments of outer continental margins. They are envisaged as a viable major energy resource for the future but so far their low energy density has made them uneconomic.

Recently, Japan confirmed that gas had been produced from methane hydrates during the country’s second test. Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation said May 4 that gas has been flared from its second test to extract gas from methane hydrates offshore Atsumi and Shima peninsulas.(source: by Shardul Sharma at Natural Gas World)

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