Mozambique Oil & Gas: Sasol to sink additional wells in Pande

sasol-hi-res-logoSasol Petroleum is moving ahead to implement a project which will sink additional wells in the Pande natural gas field in Inhambane province, maintaining the supply of the resource to its Central Processing Unit.

The initiative will also help the company comply with its sales contracts in the longer term. The petrochemical company is now looking for pipeline suppliers build two natural gas flow pipelines approximately 10 km long.

Sasol, which has been exploiting natural gas fields in the northern part of Inhambane since 2004, recently announced the completion of the construction of the second 200-kilometre gas pipeline to increase production and commercialisation of the energy resource.

The pipeline connects the Temane processing centre in Inhassoro district to the Ndindiza region of Gaza province, after crossing Funhalouro in Inhambane.

Its object is to implement the company’s plans to produce the additional 198 million gigajoules of energy necessary to feed the national and South African markets.

Sasol says it will continue to invest in the exploitation of natural gas to power more industries, produce cooking gas and light oil and LPG from 2019.

Ongoing initiatives include a cooking gas factory to reduce imports of domestic gas and lower the purchase price, and investing to increase capacity in order to give consistency in the use of gas to generate electricity.

Figures indicate that in addition to spending US$600 million improving production capacity, US$2.4 billion will be spent developing production facilities for about 20,000 tons of cooking gas per year.

This amount includes the sinking of 13 new wells, detailed design of the plant and buying all necessary equipment.(source: Notícias)

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