Mozambique Mining: Government to reactivate Ancuabe graphite processing plant

Graphite samples

The Mozambican government is attempting to reactivate Ancuabe’s graphite processing plant in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, the President of the Republic announced at a rally held last Friday at the administrative post of Meza, in the Ancuabe district.

Filipe Nyusi, who on Thursday began a three-day visit to the province, recalled that the district is rich not only in agri-livestock production but also in mineral resources such as graphite, gold and limestone, and in terms of precious stones, garnets and rubies.

Grafites de Ancuabe started mining and processing in 1994 following an investment of US$12 million by a consortium of three foreign companies.

Later in the decade the factory closed due to a lack of access to electricity, and at the time it worked with generators, which proved to be cripplingly expensive.

Nyusi, quoted by Mozambican state news agency AIM, said that the district now has electricity from the national grid, which “is an incentive to reopen the graphite processing plant.”

In May 2016, the President of Mozambique, also during a three-day visit to the province of Cabo Delgado, said in Balama that the graphite processing plant would be reactivated and that “we are in the process of finding an investor for the project.” (source: macauhub)

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