Industry & Sustainability: Gas and Energy poverty

Sustainable energy

Oil and gas companies can work more closely with governments to improve the lot of societies living beyond the reach of centralised power grids.

Global energy poverty is defined as the low consumption of energy, the use of dirty or polluting fuels and excessive time spent collecting fuel to meet a given population’s basic needs.

It has been addressed extensively in the latest energy reports by BP, International Energy Agency and the World Bank. It was also identified as a major issue at the EU parliament earlier this year and an ‘End Energy Poverty’ campaign was launched to raise awareness and help tackle the problem.

Access to affordable, clean-burning energy is something often taken for granted and without it, quality of life, and health, is much poorer.

Some initiatives are already helping, with financial and technical support from international oil companies. But there is a large untapped potential demand source that forward-thinking governments, in partnership with the IOCs, could tap for mutual benefit.(source: NGW)

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