Mozambique Oil & Gas: SASOL Resumes activities after cyclone Dineo

Sasol facilities

The production of natural gas from South African petrochemicals company Sasol in Inhambane province of Mozambique resumed despite not having suffered the effects of Cyclone Dineo that ripped through 12 districts of Inhambane province last Wednesday.

According to the company spokesperson Alex Anderson, strong winds and rains were felt in the Temane region, but

The company implemented response measures that allowed it to protect both its personnel and assets.

This time, efforts are being made to resume extractive activity in the area of the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) in search of new sources of gas and oil, but that have had to be suspended due to the storm.

Sasol is the main source of natural gas for consumers in South Africa and Mozambique. It extracts the hydrocarbon from the existing deposits in Temane, which is pumped to the existing plant in South Africa.

Sasol will publish the results for the six months to December, on the 27th of the current month. In the most recent market update it predicted a decline from 34 percent to 44 percent compared to the same period in 2015 because of exchange rate differences, a serious threat to its coal mines and reversal provision in the previous year.

Tropical cyclone Dineo has killed seven people in Inhambane province and affected more than 600,000 people, according to the National Emergency Management Institute (INGC) Emergency Operations Center.


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