The Post Tips: How to Get a Job in the Mining Industry

Vale Mozambique employees regarding the stocking yard (Credits – Marcelo Coelho – Vale SA)

The mining industry is surprisingly difficult to break into. A lot of the work is very complicated – and a lot of mining industry jobs require a surplus of education and qualifications before a potential applicant will even be considered for a position. It’s serious work, and you may have a hard time determining where you should start. If you’re devoted to the idea of a career in the mining industry, you have your work cut out for you. Here are five things you should do to get a job in the mining industry:


1. Complete Your Education
You can’t just walk in off the street and land a mining job. Since the industry is so competitive, it’s virtually impossible to find any kind of mining job without the required education. You’re going to need to take some mining courses. If you’re currently employed and looking to make a switch, you may not be able to juggle traditional classroom learning with your schedule. If that’s the case, you can always take these required courses online.

2. Finish Your Qualifications: The majority of mining jobs require additional certifications and clearances outside of the required education. In most cases, mining jobsites require their employees to obtain special vehicle licenses and pre-employment security clearances. You may also need a medical exam to ensure you’re in good health and capable of performing physically intense tasks. Sometimes, vision tests and hearing tests are required. As with many jobs, you’ll also need to pass regular drug and alcohol screenings.

3. Start Small
You may need to fill a very basic position with the company before they’ll allow you to work on a major jobsite. Every company has different requirements, but a lot of them prefer to develop a working relationship and build confidence before they send you out to handle the big stuff. If you’re patient, settling for one of these junior positions can eventually lead to a position you really want. It’s just like many other careers – you’ll need to work to the top.

4. Utilize a Work Program
Some mining companies develop programs for recent grads or current students to work with the company on a trial basis. Think of this like a paid internship or a probationary position. These are lucrative opportunities, and they may be difficult to secure. The earlier you search for one, the better your luck will be. You may miss an availability one year and have to wait again until the next. You’ll have to keep trying and investigate every opportunity available to you.

5. Continue to Network
In order to find the right leads, you’ll need to improve your networking skills. Since landing a mining job might not always be a straightforward process, you want to leave no stone left unturned. Create professional social media profiles on valuable websites, like LinkedIn. Put all of your personal profiles on private to avoid employers inadvertently stumbling upon things you may not want them to see. Use your professional profiles to follow and communicate with professional entities in the mining industry. Stay abreast of current events by reading blogs or publications about mining.

It may be difficult at times, but you need to keep pushing. Some people will eventually give up, and you need to be determined to keep yourself in the game. As long as you’re serious about your desire for the position, you’ll find an opportunity to make it possible.(By Sally Grade at OILPRO)

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