Mozambique Oil & Gas: Country may become a global driving force in natural gas

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Andrew Seck, vice president of the Liquefied Natural Gas Sector of North American multinational Anadarko, said in Maputo yesterday that Mozambique was capable of producing world-class natural gas and could position itself as an driving force in this sector.

Speaking at the international Mozambique Gas Summit which began yesterday in the Mozambican capital, Seck said that the country should prepare to become a global power in the gas sector in the 2020s, and take advantage of the equilibrium between supply and demand that is expected to occur in this period.

“All energy projects have a window of opportunity, and between 2022 and 2023, Mozambique will have the opportunity to position itself as a great driving force and new player in this sector,” Seck said.

Noting that the consortium the company leads has estimated reserves of 75 billion cubic feet of natural gas in Area 4 of the Rovuma basin in northern Mozambique, Seck said that the quantities available in the country and the expected slowdown in other gas-producing countries would allow emerging producers like Mozambique to take advantage of natural gas demand.

Seck said that Anadarko was investing in a long-term partnership with Mozambique and was still meeting the necessary conditions to make the final investment decision on the development of the liquefied natural gas project in Area 1 of the Rovuma basin.

The Italian company ENI told the Mozambican government in November that it would be moving forward with the development of the Rovuma basin Area 4 natural gas project at the head of a consortium that includes Portuguese company Galp. (Source: Lusa)

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