Africa Mining: Kenya “courts” miners

Dan Kazungu wants to jazz up the appeal of Kenya to miners

In a demonstration just how disparate government attitudes can be toward mining, Kenya has said it is getting its house in order to encourage more mining developments in the same week as the Philippines essentially dismantled its resources sector.

Kenya’s first domestic mining conference, the Kenya Mining Forum, kicked off with cabinet secretary for mining, Dan Kazungu, outlining several measures the government was looking to act on that would make the country a more attractive place for miners.

This includes a government-funded, US$30 million, year-long geophysics programme to identify mineral opportunities.

“For example only 4% of gold reef has been explored leaving 96% potential, the proposed airborne survey on the potential of the minerals in Kenya is underway, we are expecting to get a contractor by December who will map out all areas throughout the country,” Kazungu said.

He also made the usual promises about accountability and transparency and championed its recently tabled mining act.(source: miningjournal)

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