Africa Oil & Gas: And the largest oil supplier to China in July is……Angola

Angola LNG
China imported 4.72 million tonnes of oil from Angola

Angola overtook Saudi Arabia and Russia last July to become the main supplier of oil to China for the first time this year, according to figures from the Chinese Customs authority.

In July, China imported 4.72 million tonnes of oil from Angola, or 1.11 million barrels per day, a figure which represents annual growth of 23.3%.

During the first seven months of the year, Chinese imports of Angolan oil increased 18% to 26.94 million tonnes or 923,200 barrels per day, making Angola the third largest supplier after Saudi Arabia and Russia.

In July there was greater demand for oil from Angola compared to Russia due to the fact that Angolan oil make sit possible to obtain a smaller amount of light products per barrel, providing refineries with a greater amount of traditional fuels. (macauhub/AO/CN)

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