Africa Oil & Gas: Total completes 2D seismic acquisition in Block III, Albertine Graben, Congo DRC

Source - SacOil
DRC Block III area

JV partner SacOil has announced that Total E&P RDC, operator of Block III, has finalised the acquisition of the 2D seismic survey over the northern part of the Block III area.

The operator successfully completed the acquisition of 244km of 2D seismic data and currently the seismic acquisition contractor is in the process of demobilisation. As reported previously, the seismic survey did not encroach on the Virunga National Park.

The next step will be to process and interpret the seismic data, and integrate the results with the previously acquired gravity and magnetic data.

This 2D seismic acquisition program is in fulfilment of the minimum work program obligations.

SacOil holds a 12.5% effective interest in Block III.(source: SacOil)

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