Media Release: Anadarko donates engineering lab equipment to Moz university

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Unilurio Chancellor, Francisco Noa and Anadarko Mozambique Country Manager, John Peffer

Anadarko Mozambique has offered laboratory equipment to Lúrio University (UniLúrio) valued at 100,000 US dollars. The equipment was delivered to the educational institution on Friday in the city of Pemba, in Cabo Delgado.

Accoridng to Peffer, the first objective of this project is to support the University of Lurio in Pemba, by equipping the laboratory of its Faculty of Engineering to serve the following three new departments: the department of Geological Engineering, the department of Civil Construction and the department of Mechanical Engineering.

“The second objective, is to improve the capacity and competencies of Lecturers so they can transfer the required knowledge when training students to be prepared for the new demands of the engineering labour in Mozambique”, said Anadarko’s strong man in Mozambique.

A Relationship to Core Business…

For Anadarko, the Mozambique LNG project is aligned with Education one pillar of the Social Investment Strategy. At the other side, the project is aligned with the government programs and priorities that focus in introducing reforms at all levels of education, from primary, secondary and university levels.

The donated equipment will have a positive impact, as students will be motivated to enroll in Natural Sciences and other engineering courses, and as a result the country will benefit of a number of skilled graduates filling up the gaps of a new exigent demand of the industry.(Source: Anadarko Mozambique Area 1)

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