Mozambique Energy Industry: Zambia to Import Mozambican Power

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Zambia to Import Mozambican Power

In an effort to meet its power needs, Zambia has started importing 100 MW of power from Mozambique. Zambia’s Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma said discussions to increase that rate of import are currently underway.

“Next month, government will bring in 148 MW and another 26 MW from Mozambique,” he was quoted as saying by the Zambia Daily Mail.

Yaluma added that the government has launched discussions with other independent power producers from the region and that by December the country will start importing 60 MW from South Africa.

“We have advanced in talks with various stakeholders who have extra power to supply us,” he said, adding, “Towards the end of December, we will import 60 MW from South Africa., but this is private power, it does not belong to the utilities.”

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