Africa Oil & Gas: TPDC awards CGG airborne gravity gradiometer surveys onshore Tanzania

Acquisition over a total area of 30,000 sq km will commence in mid August 2015
Acquisition over a total area of 30,000 sq km will commence in mid August 2015

CGG has been awarded a contract by the Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) to acquire high-resolution gravity gradiometry and aeromagnetic data over two onshore areas along the South-Eastern Tanzanian Coastal Basin and the eastern arm of the East African Rift.

Acquisition over a total area of 30,000 sq km will commence in mid August 2015 and is scheduled to last up to two months. Using the industry’s lowest noise Gravity Gradiometry, FALCON®, CGG will deliver high-resolution data and interpretation to help evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of these basins ahead of future licensing rounds.

Tanzania has already established itself as a highly prospective hydrocarbon province in East Africa with a series of significant discoveries offshore and CGG is excited to be part of this next phase of TPDC’s exploration of the onshore basins. This survey will benefit from the experience gained through the completion of many projects throughout Africa using the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

Greg Paleolog, Senior Vice President, CGG Multi-Physics, said: ‘CGG is delighted to work with TPDC to improve understanding of the structure of these basins and to assist in the identification of suitable areas for future seismic acquisition. With the selection of our FALCON service, we can ensure that TPDC and potential operators will have the best quality data and interpretation products ahead of the proposed licensing round.’

‘We know that there have been significant discoveries in the Kenyan and Ugandan parts of the Rift Valley, and there may well be undiscovered oil or gas reserves on Tanzania’s side,’ Dr. Mataragio, the Managing Director of TPDC explains. ‘The two-month-long basic Airborne Gravity Gradiometer survey is imperative given the significant reserves discovered in similar geological settings in Kenya and Uganda. The promotion of our blocks is part of TPDC’s core business and this exploration effort will add value and attract investors.’

Early this month the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania passed a new Petroleum Bill, which will be signed soon. Under the new Petroleum Bill, TPDC is now lawfully recognized as a National Oil Company (NOC). The NOC will participate fully in exploration and production of oil and gas and this campaign in particular signifies the commercial commencement of NOC in E&P activities in Tanzania.(Source: CGG)

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