Mozambique Mining: Triton Minerals finds Moz Graphite Project expandable

Samples of graphite grades
Samples of graphite grades

“Triton Minerals Ltd (ASX TON) is pleased to confirm material testing complete by an independent facility located in Asia, has confirmed that the Mozambique Graphite (TMG) can be expanded up to 1,000 times.”, the company said in a press release, quoting its Managind Director, Brad Boyle as saying “the unique physical and thermal properties of expanded graphite enjoys a continued strong market demand and a premium price is paid by end users.”
Not all graphite is expandable. However, if the graphite possesses the required physical properties the graphite is normally expanded by immersing the natural flake graphite concentrate, usually at a grade of 95 per cent to 99 per cent TGC, in a bath of chromic acid, then concentrated sulfuric acid, which forces apart the crystal lattice planes, thus expanding or increasing the flake graphite surface area from 500 to 1,000 times in size. Subject to quality the expanded graphite sells for up to US 3,500 dollars per tonne.

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