Mozambique Oil & Gas: Temane-Secunda Pipeline Expansion Complete

Temane - Secunda gas Pipeline
Loop Line 1 is already complete

The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) recently announced the successful completion of a project to expand the existing 865 km of gas pipeline from the CPF at Temane in Mozambique to Secunda in South Africa. The project involved the installation of a pipeline in parallel to the existing pipeline starting from the CPF and running 128 km where it connects back into the main pipeline.

Named Loop Line 1, the expansion project increases ROMPCO’s gas transmission capacity. Loop Line 1 was built to transport gas to customers at the energy hub of Ressano Garcia in Mozambique, including the Central Térmica de Ressano Garcia (CTRG) gas-to-power facility, the Matola Gas Co. and Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos(ENH). This expansion in capacity enables the generation of more than 400 MW of power at Ressano Garcia. The project marks another milestone in enabling further in-country monetization of gas for Mozambicans.

ROMPCO is a JV between Sasol, Companhia Mocambiçana de Gasoduto S.A., and South African Gas Development Co. (SOC) Ltd. It owns the 865-km pipeline through which the gas purchased from Mozambique is transported to South Africa and to Ressano Garcia in Mozambique. It is a cornerstone of the natural gas project that saw Mozambican gas monetized for the first time.(Africa Petroleum)

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