Renewables: Powerless Devices to Prevent Infant Mortality Rate across Africa

Inovation to combat Infant Mortality in Africa
Inovation to combat Infant Mortality in Africa

Royal Philips has partnered with South African non-profit PowerFree Education Technology (PET) to develop, test, and commercialize a Wind-up Doppler Ultrasound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor. The device is a unique power-independent clinical innovation that will fight the high rates of preventable infant mortality across Africa.

The Wind-up Fetal Doppler is a device to easily and accurately count the fetal heart rate while the mother is in labor. A slowing of this fetal heart rate towards the end of a uterine contraction is an important indicator that a fetus is not receiving enough oxygen and may suffer brain damage or die. If this is detected early enough, a midwife or delivering nurse can take the necessary actions to save the child.

The device will be produced by the Philips Africa Innovation Hub, already unveiling its first prototype. Current methods to measure the fetal heart rate are either too expensive, too inaccurate or rely on replaceable batteries or electricity to run; the Wind-up Fetal Doppler is especially designed to empower midwives and delivering nurses to give better care.(Edited by Alternative Energy Africa)

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