Global Industry Inovation: GE launches new gas turbine

General Electrics Oil & Gas
General Electrics Oil & Gas

GE launched a new 16.5 megawatt gas turbine (NovaLT16) for mechanical drive and power generation applications in the oil and gas industry.

Developed by GE Oil & Gas to meet the industry’s evolving challenges, NovaLT16 combines technology from GE turbines and benefits from the industry insights of TransCanada Corporation, a North American energy infrastructure company, GE said in a statement.

Today’s oil and gas operators need to transport gas from more remote locations, in harsh environments and under more stringent regulations. These challenges increase demand for efficiency, emissions reduction and maintainability of the critical equipment.

According to GE, the 16.5 MW NovaLT16 gas turbine will provide up to 37 per cent mechanical efficiency, which raises the standards of efficient and reliable pipeline compressions, power generation and oil and gas plant compression applications thereby helping to meet increasing energy demand across the world.(Source:

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