At The Neighborhoods: Bauxite Angola plans to resume mining in Guinea-Bissau adding US$500 Mi investment

Bauxite ore conveyer

The Bauxite Angola company plans to invest more than US$500 million in Guinea-Bissau, when it re-launches bauxite mining in Madina Boe, in the Gabu region of the east of the country, the chairman of the company said Wednesday in Bissau.

The company suspended its operations in Guinea-Bissau due to the coup of 12 April, 2012, which deposed the government at the time led by Carlos Gomes Junior.

Bernardo Campos was received Tuesday by Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira and, according to the Portuguese News Network, said “we expect investments in the port, in railways, in the road and mine itself could exceed US$500 million. ”

“The port of Buba, in the region of Quinara, in the south, instead of just being a mining port is expected to have a terminal for commercial exploration, able to meet the needs of other countries like Mali, which has no direct access to the sea.”

The chairman of Bauxite Angola said plans were also underway for other mining projects near the bauxite mines, specifically next to the border with Guinea Conakry.

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