We Thought You Should Know This: Gas Flows from Libya to Italy Up

Greenstream natural gas pipeline connecting Libya and Italy
Greenstream natural gas pipeline connecting Libya and Italy

With the trouble between Russia in the Ukraine ongoing Italy could find itself short on gas supplies. The European country receives almost one-third of its gas needs from Russia, but if the Ukraine makes good on its sanction threats against Russia that would cut off flows to Italy, leaving the country short a substantial amount as fall and winter draw near.

Another of Italy’s suppliers of natural gas, Libya, has problems of its own and shipments from there are no more certain in the long run than from Russia through the Ukraine however, for now Libya’s shipments to Italy are on the rise.

According to reports the North African country’s exports to Italy hit an almost a year high in July when they rose to 573 Mmcf/d. While shipments are down over all since pre-civil war days, the increase right now is good news for both Italy and Libya.

Flows from Libya to Italy transit the Greenstream gas pipeline, owned by Rome-based Eni SpA and Libya’s NOC.(AfricaPetroleum)

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