Mozambique Oil & Gas: LNG Projecty gets USD 30 bln push

LNG Project in Mozambique
LNG Project in Mozambique

Mozambique’s natural gas sector will get a $30 billion investment to build the capacity for production of 20 million tonnes per year of LNG, with first exports planned to start in 2018.

Reuters reports that the investment will be directed into the development of ports of Pemba and Palma where the LNG facilities are planned and where Rovuma Basin gas will be transferred to.

Exports will start with a 5 million tonnes per year train in 2018 with plans to push the capacity to 20 million tonnes per year.

The government of Mozambique recently approved a “special regime” for LNG development in the Rovuma Basin areas 1 and 4, that will cover construction, operation and all other LNG related activities.

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