Mozambique Extractive Legislation: Parliament opens doors to LNG law

Mozambique Parliament
Mozambique Parliament

Mozambique’s parliament approved a draft law that allows a ‘special regime’ for the development of LNG projects relating Areas 1 and 4 of the Rovuma Basin.

“It is a device that will enable the government to approve a decree establishing a special legal regime for contractual projects of the Rovuma Basin, introducing changes or exemptions and conclude contractual agreements,” stands in a parliament statement.

The national assembly also said that this draft law aims to facilitate the design, construction, installation, ownership, financing, operation, maintenance, use of wells, facilities and related equipment, whether on land or at sea, for the production, including but not limited to units of LNG. It covers all aspects of LNG projects construction, expansion and exploitation in the mentioned areas 1 and 4 of the Rovuma Basin.

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