Mozambique Mining Industry: CLN receives first 10 locomotives to carry coal from Tete to Nacala

First 10 locomotives of CLN - Integrated Logistics Corridor of Nacala S.A
First 10 locomotives of CLN – Integrated Logistics Corridor of Nacala S.A

Mozambican company Corredor Logístico Integrado do Norte (CLN) has announced the arrival of the first ten locomotives from General Electric (GE) to carry coal from Moatize, in the Mozambican province of Tete, to the port of Nacala, on a journey of around 900 kilometres.

The newspaper said that this was the first delivery from an order of 80 locomotives by CLN, which is the rail and port concession-holder for the Nacala Corridor, the main route for transporting coal from the Moatize coal basin, in Tete.

CLN is also investing another US$84 million on transmission towers, which will improve communication along the railway line.

Each train used to carry coal between Tete and Nampula will be made up of four locomotives and 120 trucks. The first exports are expected to be made at the end of 2014.

CLN, which is a partnership between Mozambican state port and rail company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM) and Brazilian company Vale, expects to invest US$4.4 billion in the railway line and the deep-water port under construction in the Nacala-a-Velha district of Nampula province.


  • Gaudencio manhique

    Yes, l think so becouse railway can go streight to the target point without many turns coused by mozambican roadnet wich seems not developed yet.

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