Mozambique Mining Industry: More than 1,200 mining companies registered

Mozambique Mineral Resources minister, Esperança Bias
Mozambique Mineral Resources minister, Esperança Bias

Speaking at the Mozambican parliament during the presentation of the proposed Mining Law, the Mozambican Minister for the Mineral Resources Esperança Bias said that Mozambique’s mining sector currently had 1,212 mining companies were registered in Mozambique, 424 of which were at least part-owned by Mozambican citizens.

The minister also said that there were some 1,486 titles of companies operating and investing in mining, according to the State news agency AIM.

Bias said that growth of mining is clear from the amount of investment over the last five years, which totals US$4.2 billion.

She also noted that policies and strategies for mining resources approved by the government were good guidelines for training Mozambicans, as a way of meeting demand for a specialized mining sector workforce.

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