Mozambique Mining Industry: Chinese Haiyu re-launch heavy sands operations in Angoche district, Nampula

Haiyu Heavy Sands Project in Angoche
Haiyu Heavy Sands Project in Angoche

Haiyu Mozambique Mining Limitada, which operates in Sangage, in the Angoche district of Mozambique’s Nampula province, has re-launched heavy sands processing operations with a view, in the initial stages, to separate ilmenite from zircon.

Production was suspended in May due to a joint decision of the provincial boards of Mining Resources and Energy and the Tax Authority in order to overhaul the existing contract.

The unit, which is located 200 kilometres from the city of Nampula, invested US$30 million and has capacity to process 20 tons of heavy sands per day. The Sangage heavy sands project employs 505 people.

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