Did you know this: Electricity of Mozambique threatened to paralyze power supply in Nampula airport due to accumulated debts

Power cut threatening by EDM
Power cut threatening by EDM

According to a source of administrative services of Mozambique Airports Company (AdM), quoted by @Verdade private newspaper, the State owned company Electricity of Mozambique – EDM has, in recent days, promised power cut at the aircraft airstrip, in the VIP room and in all places considered vital as a way to press the airport management to amortize debts, which have not been revealed.

The AdM is plunged into a severe financial crisis, a fact that hinders its normal operation. Some of its creditors have not received any devidends since the beginning of the year. For example, a group of Social Communications professionals in January, produced a video about airport security in the framework of quality assurance, security and modernity, and are still waiting for their compensation.

However, the company’s director, Artur Sitoi considers that the issue related to the debt with EDM is outdated, but did not elaborate how. Nobody at EDM was available to comment on the issue, allegedly because no one is authorized to speak to the press locally.

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