Mozambique Energy: WTS Energy with new office in the country


WTS Energy has expanded its horizon in Europe and Africa by opening offices in Belgrade, Serbia and in Maputo and Pemba, Mozambique. “Mozambique is rich in natural gas resources and this has spontaneously enticed the big players in the oil and gas market to develop projects here, which results consequently in the higher demand for technical expertise” says Frederik Rengers, CEO of WTS Energy.

“The presence of companies like Shell, Anadarko, PTTEP, ENI and others in Mozambique indicates a tremendous opportunity for technical manpower supply. Besides the existing offices in Nigeria and Gabon, the new establishment in the capital city of Maputo and the port city of Pemba will also offer end-to-end recruitment and manpower services,” adds Frederik Rengers.

According to Rengers, the company´s core strength is access to a global skill pool of petroleum, drilling and construction engineers and “we also have a strong record of placing people in hard-ship regions.”

WTS Energy’s global team of recruitment consultants are experienced in recruiting professionals from various engineering skill pools like geo-science, drilling, facilities engineering and construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance and also, project management.(PR News Wire)


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