Mozambique Energy: Aggreko to provide power supply to Kenmare heavy sands project at Moma


Aggreko will provide a temporary solution for the supply of 10 megawatts of electricity to the Moma heavy sands project in Mozambique, owned and operated by Kenmare Resources of Ireland, the company said in a statement.

Alongside the local power grid the unit built by Aggreko will provide high quality electricity during periods of heavy consumption, particularly in the summer months and at the end of the day when demand peaks due to domestic consumption.

The solution provided by Aggreko will ensure that operations at the Moma mine will continue based on a local electricity supply but can also make use of an independent supply when and if necessary.

Michel Carvill, managing director of Kenmare Resources, said in a statement that the company had decided to work with Aggreko based on its good reputation as a power supplier to mining operations in Africa.

Aggreko is the world’s largest supplier of temporary power production and temperature control equipment. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. (mchb/MZ)


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