Mozambique Oil & Gas Industry: ENH expands gas distribution in Inhambane province


Expansion of natural gas distribution in the southern province of Inhambane, by establishing 500 new connections, bringing the total number of consumers of gas in this region to 1,131 is the goal of Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos – ENH. The project is budgeted at about 450,000 US dollars, and seeks to expand the gas distribution network to more consumers in Vilanculo, Inhassoro and Govuro districts in the north of the province, according to the company. Work should begin within weeks, and will be concluded in 120 days.

ENH says the project hopes to reduce the cost of a gas connection for households. Currently the cost varies between 1,000 and 3,000 US dollars, depending on the distance of the household from the gas pipeline.

The project will relieve households of these costs, and they will only have to pay the monthly gas consumption bill.

“Implementing this project will save households money”, according to the ENH director for hydrocarbon exploration and production, Paulino Gregorio. “It will reduce monthly expenditure on energy, since natural gas is considerably cheaper than other sources of fuel”.

Further advantages of piped natural gas is that is available 24 hours a day, it is safe and clean, and it makes a major contribution to the environment by replacing wood fuel and thus reducing deforestation.

ENH gas distribution network in northern Inhambane dates back to 1992, and the construction of a pipeline 103 kilometres long. Today the network is 326 kilometres long, including connections from the gas processing plant at Temane to Vilanculo town and the Bazaruto archipelago, and a second branch to Inhassoro and to Nova Mambone, capital of Govuro district

Currently this ENH network supplies 631 consumers – 590 homes, 39 commercial premises, and two electricity distribution company – the national company, EDM, and Elgas, which has the contract to supply electricity to the Bazaruto islands.




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