Mozambique Oil & Gas Industry: Partnership in hydrocarbon logistics with Bonatti


Mozambique’s National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH) announced on Wednesday that its subsidiary ENH Logistics (ENHL) has established a partnership with the Italian company Bonatti, intended to bring to Mozambique Bonatti’s experience in the provision of services to the hydrocarbon industry.

According to an ENH press release, the partnership, known as ENHL-Bonatti Ltd, will provide services in the areas of procurement, construction, the operation and maintenance of infrastructures, electricity and automation. It also intends to explore other business opportunities that may arise from the investments by multinational companies in Mozambican hydrocarbons. 

The partnership was formalised in Maputo on Tuesday, when the executive director of ENHL, Eduardo Naiene, and the commercial director of Bonatti, Stefano Protogene, signed an expression of interest. The ceremony took place during the visit to Mozambique of a large delegation of Italian business people, headed by Carlo Calenda, the Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Naiene said “this partnership has the added value that it can bring greater quality in the provision of services, particularly in ENHL’s core business, including in the engineering, construction and management of remote camps”. 

Protogene said Bonatti was pleased to add Mozambique to the list of its markets. “Bonatti is in Mozambique to transfer capacities in procurement and engineering in the area of petroleum and gas so as to support local development through a reliable partnership, the training of local workers and community development. Bonatti seeks to contribute to the development of skills in the area of petroleum and gas in all multi-disciplinary activities through maximizing local content”.

On its website, Bonatti boasts “we execute challenging projects under the most critical environmental and logistical conditions in remote locations, combining innovation and advanced technologies to secure our Clients’ successes”.


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