The Event: Mozambique Gas Summit


Strategic Conference & Exhibition, 2-5 December 2014

Mozambique Gas Summit will once again be the pivotal meeting place for leading Mozambican oil & gas decision makers to engage with international, regional and local investors and showcase the abundant opportunities available in the country.

 Organised in partnership with ENH, with full endorsement from the Ministry of Mineral Resources, and support from the Ministry of Energy , CMHINP and Petromoc, Mozambique Gas Summit is a must attend forum for all stakeholders in Mozambique’s energy industry.Mozambique Gas Summit 2014 will feature strategicConference, interactive Seminars, Local Content Day and international Exhibition.Click here to secure your involvement early!


The Event of Choice for Mozambican Decision Makers


– Speakers Include:

  • Hon Esperança Laurinda Francisco Nhiuane Bias, Minister of Mineral Resources – Republic of Mozambique

  • Nelson Ocuane, ENH Chairman

  • Eng Arsenio Mabote, Petroleum National Institute – INP, Chief Executive Officer

  • Eduardo Naienes; CEO ENH Logistics


  • Tavares Martinho; Exploration Director ENH


  • Benjamin Chilenge; Director for Planning & Development – Ministry of Mineral Resources and National Coordinator EITI Mozambique

  • Nuno de Oliveira Chief Executive Officer at Petromoc

  • Estêvão Rafael Pale, CEO at Mozambican Hidrocarbons Company – CMH



“I’ve been in Mozambique for 6 years now, have attended a half a dozen of these summit and I thought
the organization and more importantly, the content of the Mozambique Gas Summit was by far the best
I’ve experienced since I’ve been here. The quality of the speakers, the agenda and topics that were covered
were all very informative. I’m very pleased and we’ll be I’m sure supporting next year.”
John Peffer, Country Manager, Anadarko Mozambique

“Firstly, we would like to thank CWC for organising the conference in Mozambique. We found it very, very
interesting and very busy. The Conference was attended by a lot of people from all over the world.
It was very well organised and so many people responded to CWC’s invitation to this event.
It was a very successful conference for the oil and gas sector in Mozambique.”
Dr Tavares Martinho, Exploration Director, ENH

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